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Orthodontic Treatment Philadelphia, PA

Orthodontic Treatment

Braces Philadelphia, PA

At Broad Street Braces, we welcome patients of all ages. There has never been a better time to consider orthodontic treatment because today’s technology can help anyone achieve a beautiful smile. Broad Street Braces is Philly’s premier orthodontic specialist helping children, teens, and adults with outstanding orthodontic treatments. Many adults live with crooked teeth because…

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Brush Those Braces!

Tootpaste Being Applied on a Toothbrush Philadelphia PA

If you or your child has braces, it is essential that you understand how important brushing your teeth is. While cleaning the teeth is necessary throughout life, it is even more critical to your teeth while you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. Brushing well is more challenging to do well with braces because brackets and wires…

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Flossing With Braces

woman pointing to her metal braces

You have heard it your whole life from your dentist: “Floss your teeth every day.” Whether you were an avid flosser before you had braces put on or not, you may be wondering how in the world you will floss now that you have braces. Surprisingly, flossing with braces is not quite as difficult as you…

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When Your Alignment Process Involves The Removal Of Your Wisdom Teeth

Dental Procedures Philadelphia PA

While it is Broad Street Braces’ goal to avoid pulling teeth during the alignment process, there are occasions when it is necessary in order to create more space in your mouth. Wisdom teeth are commonly known to require removal during your alignment process. Wisdom teeth are known as the third set of molars in your…

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Aligned Teeth – Delivering You So Much More Than A Brilliant Smile

couple smiling

Aligned teeth offer you much more than a brilliant smile. It’s obvious that Broad Street Braces’ aligning methods provide our patients with smiles that boost their confidence. We feel like we unleash his or her smile superpower every time someone completes our alignment process. Aligned teeth also are beneficial for your oral health. At Broad…

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Affording Your Alignment

woman with braces

If you look in the mirror and know you need your teeth adjusted and aligned, but you wonder if you can afford it, Broad Street Braces can help. It can be overwhelming when considering if you can afford the brilliant smile you long for. As you consider the possibility of alignment you may be tempted…

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Eating Right While Wearing Braces

close up to a womans teeth with braces

If you’re wearing, or about to wear braces, then you’re on the road to a healthy and happy smile. Your newly aligned teeth will not only provide you with a brilliant smile, but they will also help you maintain optimal physical health as well. Misaligned teeth can lead to tooth decay or oral infections, which…

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Deciding If Lingual Braces Are Right For You

close up to a womans teeth with lingual braces

Have you been dissatisfied with your smile lately? Are your teeth misaligned and causing you to figure out alternate ways to smile so you don’t have to expose your teeth? If so, it’s time to consider getting your teeth aligned so you can experience the many benefits they have to offer, especially a confident smile.…

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Keeping Your Invisalign Visible When It’s Out Of Your Mouth

Clear Aligner Philadelphia, PA

Invisalign orthodontic treatment consists of nearly invisible, removable and comfortable aligners that can adjust your teeth to give you the beautiful smile you want without braces or wires. The system uses a series of clear aligners that are made to adjust your teeth in the way our team at Broad Street Braces wants to move…

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Brushing With Braces – Electric Versus Manual Toothbrushes

Girl With Braces Philadelphia PA

Maintaining optimal oral hygiene is important during the duration of wearing braces. Braces do not imply an automatic pause in oral care while the alignment process is happening. If you’re trying to decide which toothbrush is right for you during your alignment process of wearing braces we can help with that decision. The bottom line…

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Our Patient Reviews

Broad Street Braces

5.0 / 5.0

Based on 187 reviews

Felicia W

Excellent staff, excellent service with trusty expertise. It was overall a great experience for my son and myself. We are highly satisfied with all the services performed today.

Alisa O

I am pleased with this Orthodontist location because they are very prompt with appointments. It's never a long wait. The staff is kind and willing to fix misunderstandings quickly. They actually play relaxing music in the office. My favorite staff member is Trinh because she answers questions gracefully. Trinh always greets me with a smile. Glad I chose this dental office.

Phuong H

Really nice office. Very clean and modern. Everyone is friendly, especially Trinh. She is great. Love taking my son here.

Refie H

The staff is really friendly, very satisfied with the service. The place is cozy, and also clean, seriously I recommend it to anyone who wanted to have the braces on

Kevin A

My mom received THE BEST service here. Consultations & visits were a breeze & the staff was always so kind. Their bilingual employee, Sara, was very helpful because my mom only speaks Spanish.

Hung C

This is my son’s first time here. This Office is very nice and very professional. Great service. Mrs. Trinh did an excellent job helping us translate Vietnamese. She is really nice and did a great job! Thank you so much!

Angela D

Great experience!! welcoming and good at what they do. Ask for amanda- she's the best!

Thang N

Many friends told me that Trinh always does a great job and I am very lucky today to have her put my braces on! They look great. I am looking forward to coming back for my second appoinment. The treatment coordinator, Rachel is very friendly and welcoming. She is awesome. I would recommend anyone who is interested in braces to come to Broad Street Braces. You would love Dr. Neil!