Two-Phase Treatment Philadelphia, PA

Two-Phase Treatment

A common question from parents is “Why do some children get braces as early as 1st or 2nd grade, get them off, then get them again when all the adult teeth are in, while other kids get them only once in middle school?”  There are two different ways of performing orthodontic treatment:

1. Conventional Orthodontic Treatment

Conventional Orthodontic Treatment is indicated for most children, and is best started when all of the permanent teeth have erupted, usually around the ages of 10-13.  This treatment includes braces on all of the teeth, and can take anywhere from 12-30 months, depending on the alignment of the teeth.

2. Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment is indicated for those children who have a specific, more severe orthodontic problem noted at younger age.  Treatment is performed in two separate phases.  The first phase usually begins around the age of 8 and lasts for 12 months.  This treatment often consists of braces on 4-6 top teeth and a palate expander.  Once this treatment is complete, the braces are removed, the patient is given a retainer, and the patient goes on a “braces break.”  Once all the permanent teeth have erupted, a second full set of braces is used to align the teeth.  This second set of braces is usually 12-24 months.

Two-Phase treatment may be recommended for children with more severe orthodontic problems like the following:

  1. Thumb sucking habit
  2. Severe crowding of the teeth
  3. Upper or lower jaw growth disharmonies
  4. Underbite
  5. Severe Overbite
We at Broad Street Braces believe that ideal orthodontic treatment includes fantastic results AND an efficient, precise, path to those results.  While most children benefit from conventional orthodontic treatment, only some children benefit from two-phase treatment.  We are committed to keeping our patients in treatment for as short amount of time as possible and excellent results.
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