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Don’t Ruin Your Smile By Vaping Philadelphia, PA

Don’t Ruin Your Smile By Vaping

Woman holding a Vape Pen

If you have braces, you have them because you want to achieve a beautiful smile. A healthy, straight smile is an accessory that will give you advantages in life. Someone with a beautiful smile is more likely to offer a smile in a friendly manner, encouraging others to be attracted to him. Someone with a…

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Allergies, Dry Mouth and Braces

Dental Professional

When having braces put on your teeth, your mouth must be completely dry. Your orthodontist will place cotton swabs inside your mouth to absorb excess saliva and will continually use a small machine to blow dry air into your mouth. This dryness is critical to ensure that the brackets of your braces fully adhere to…

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Types of Retainers

Retainer Philadelphia, PA

As you near the end of your orthodontic treatment, your doctor will discuss an option for a retainer. While you may be looking forward to finally being rid of “mouth hardware,” don’t get too excited. Don’t get upset about it either! A lot of money has gone into helping you achieve a straight, beautiful smile,…

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Protecting Your Teeth from Tooth Decay

Oral Health Philadelphia PA

“Irony” is defined as something in which what is on the surface appears to differ radically from what is actually the case. Here’s an example: You get braces to straighten your teeth so that you have a healthy smile that is easier to clean. However, while wearing braces to straighten your teeth, there is an…

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Water is an Essential Part of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Patient Philadelphia, PA

Undergoing orthodontic treatment is a huge commitment. You invest money and time into achieving a beautiful smile, so you want to make sure that you don’t do anything that will compromise it. There are some little things you may be doing that will undermine your orthodontic treatment. Drinking sugary beverages such as sodas, sports drinks,…

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The Perfect Gift May Not Be Under Your Tree

Orthodontic Patient Philadelphia PA

With Christmas just weeks away, many people are still trying to decide upon the perfect gift. There are always those who are hard to shop for, those who “have everything,” and those you don’t really know if you are exchanging gifts with or not. Whether you need to find the perfect gift for your child…

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You CAN Afford Braces

Dental Insurance Philadelphia PA

When it comes to straightening your smile or your child’s smile, you may be under the impression that you cannot afford orthodontic treatment. After all, orthodontics is a specialty service, and it is expensive, right? Well, at Broad Street Braces, we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve a beautiful smile. Our practice is…

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Prevent Teeth Shifting After Braces

older woman smiling to the camera

Reaching the end of your orthodontic treatment and having your braces removed is one of the greatest feelings. You have withstood the aggravations of flossing and brushing, you can finally eat all the foods you want, and your mouth is free from brackets and wires! Undergoing orthodontic treatment is truly one of the best things…

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Protect Your Smile From “Mask Mouth”

General Dentist Philadelphia PA

Mask wearing has become required throughout Philadelphia to help protect people from COVID-19. While wearing a mask may help prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus, there are side effects of covering your mouth for extended periods of time. Wearing a mask covers the lower portion of your face, and it can put your oral…

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What To Avoid With Braces and Why

Girl With Braces Philadelphia PA

Having braces is an exciting time because you know that the end result will be a beautiful smile. While there are certain aspects of having braces that are not necessarily fun, you know that they are worth it. One important aspect of wearing braces is knowing what you need to avoid so that your braces…

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Our Patient Reviews

Broad Street Braces

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Based on 187 reviews

Felicia W

Excellent staff, excellent service with trusty expertise. It was overall a great experience for my son and myself. We are highly satisfied with all the services performed today.

Alisa O

I am pleased with this Orthodontist location because they are very prompt with appointments. It's never a long wait. The staff is kind and willing to fix misunderstandings quickly. They actually play relaxing music in the office. My favorite staff member is Trinh because she answers questions gracefully. Trinh always greets me with a smile. Glad I chose this dental office.

Phuong H

Really nice office. Very clean and modern. Everyone is friendly, especially Trinh. She is great. Love taking my son here.

Refie H

The staff is really friendly, very satisfied with the service. The place is cozy, and also clean, seriously I recommend it to anyone who wanted to have the braces on

Kevin A

My mom received THE BEST service here. Consultations & visits were a breeze & the staff was always so kind. Their bilingual employee, Sara, was very helpful because my mom only speaks Spanish.

Hung C

This is my son’s first time here. This Office is very nice and very professional. Great service. Mrs. Trinh did an excellent job helping us translate Vietnamese. She is really nice and did a great job! Thank you so much!

Angela D

Great experience!! welcoming and good at what they do. Ask for amanda- she's the best!

Thang N

Many friends told me that Trinh always does a great job and I am very lucky today to have her put my braces on! They look great. I am looking forward to coming back for my second appoinment. The treatment coordinator, Rachel is very friendly and welcoming. She is awesome. I would recommend anyone who is interested in braces to come to Broad Street Braces. You would love Dr. Neil!