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Do you want a beautiful, radiant smile without having to wear metal braces and wires? If that’s the case, then Invisalign may be right for you. Dr. Neil is one of the leading Invisalign providers in the Philadelphia Area.

Invisalign treatment consists of nearly invisible, removable, and comfortable aligners that can move your teeth just as precisely and efficiently as traditional braces. After we take impressions of your teeth, we send these impressions to a lab that makes a three-dimensional model of your teeth. A series of aligners are made to mimic the way that we want your teeth to move. You will be asked to follow the aligner sequence, wearing each aligner for about 1-2 weeks and then moving to the next. After you finish the entire aligner sequence, your teeth will be where we want!

Aside from being nearly invisible, Invisalign aligners offer several other benefits, including:

  1.  No emergencies- you don’t have to worry about things breaking or a pokey wire. No orthodontic wax or emergency appointments needed.
  2. No dietary restrictions- because you take the aligners out to eat, no need to worry about eating things that might break your braces!
  3. Ease of care- Remove the aligners when you are brushing your teeth, and you won’t need to worry about brushing around, under, over and through braces and wires.
  4. Shorter appointments- As long as you have been wearing your Invisalign trays as instructed, office appointments are usually no longer than 15 minutes long
  5. Fewer appointments- Once we begin Invisalign treatment, we will ask to see you every 8-10 weeks, as opposed to every 6 weeks with traditional braces.
  6. More comfortable- the trays are smooth, and you won’t have to worry about braces or wires rubbing against your lip and cheeks.

Invisalign Teen

Invisalign is not just for adults. More and more teenagers are opting for aesthetic treatment options as well. Invisalign Teen is a specialized form of Invisalign treatment, and was developed to allow younger patients who have adult teeth coming in and baby teeth falling out to wear aligners that compensate for this tooth eruption. If a teenage patient is worried about the look of braces, homecare, having to avoid certain foods, or breaking braces. Invisalign Teen can be a great alternative, and offers the same predictable results as metal braces.

Invisalign Cost

Broad Street Braces is committed to providing customized and individualized treatment for each of our patients, and often, Invisalign treatment is a better option than traditional braces. Think Invisalign treatment may be out of your budget? Think again. The cost of Invisalign treatment, just as traditional braces, is dependent on the severity of the teeth and the treatment length. Typically, the cost for braces and Invisalign is the same. We also offer the same flexible payment options for Invisalign treatment, and will work with you to make sure that the recommended treatment option is within your budget. Many insurances will cover some of the costs of Invisalign treatment. Make sure to ask about our Invisalign Promotions, which are ran several times throughout the year!

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