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Two Phase Orthodontic Treatment Philadelphia, PA
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Many parents often wonder why some kids have braces only once, while other children have braces put on, taken off, and then put on again later. This is because there are two different ways of performing orthodontic treatment. Understanding both will help you determine which path is best for your child.

Conventional Orthodontic Treatment

Most children benefit from traditional orthodontic treatment. This path is started when all of the permanent teeth have erupted in the mouth, usually between the ages of 10-13. Conventional orthodontic treatment includes putting braces on all of the teeth and having treatment for 12-30 months, depending on the alignment needs.

Two-Phase Orthodontic Treatment

Children who have specific or more severe orthodontic problems are usually identified at an early age. Dentists are generally the first to notice issues because children typically visit the dentist routinely starting when they are young. Two-phase orthodontic treatment may be recommended for children who have (or had) a thumb sucking habit, have severe crowding of the teeth, have a severe underbite or overbite, who have a “small mouth,” or who have upper or lower jaw growth disharmony.

Two-phase treatment is performed in two separate phases. The first phase usually begins around age 8 and lasts for 12 months. This treatment phase typically consists of braces on the 4-6 top teeth and a palate expander. Once this phase is complete, the braces are removed, the patient receives a retainer, and the patient goes on a “braces break.” Once all of the permanent teeth erupt inside the mouth, a second full set of braces is put on to align the teeth. The second phase usually lasts 12-24 months.

At Broad Street Braces, we believe that ideal orthodontic treatment includes fantastic results and an efficient, precise path to those results. We understand that two-phase orthodontics treatment is right for some kids, but it’s not for all kids. Our practice is committed to achieving excellent results in the best way for your child.

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Excellent staff, excellent service with trusty expertise. It was overall a great experience for my son and myself. We are highly satisfied with all the services performed today.

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I am pleased with this Orthodontist location because they are very prompt with appointments. It's never a long wait. The staff is kind and willing to fix misunderstandings quickly. They actually play relaxing music in the office. My favorite staff member is Trinh because she answers questions gracefully. Trinh always greets me with a smile. Glad I chose this dental office.

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Really nice office. Very clean and modern. Everyone is friendly, especially Trinh. She is great. Love taking my son here.

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The staff is really friendly, very satisfied with the service. The place is cozy, and also clean, seriously I recommend it to anyone who wanted to have the braces on

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My mom received THE BEST service here. Consultations & visits were a breeze & the staff was always so kind. Their bilingual employee, Sara, was very helpful because my mom only speaks Spanish.

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This is my son’s first time here. This Office is very nice and very professional. Great service. Mrs. Trinh did an excellent job helping us translate Vietnamese. She is really nice and did a great job! Thank you so much!

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Great experience!! welcoming and good at what they do. Ask for amanda- she's the best!

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Many friends told me that Trinh always does a great job and I am very lucky today to have her put my braces on! They look great. I am looking forward to coming back for my second appoinment. The treatment coordinator, Rachel is very friendly and welcoming. She is awesome. I would recommend anyone who is interested in braces to come to Broad Street Braces. You would love Dr. Neil!